Monday, December 3, 2012

THAT Moment

Yes, I am having one of those moments where I am looking into my overflowing closet and seeing NOTHING to wear!

My husband will be graduating from Officer Candidate School in just a few days (FINALLY!!!!) and I need something to wear!

I have to have one outfit for Family Day and one outfit for Graduation Day.

Both events will be outside, in Virginia= COLD

The first day, Family Day, is casual and jeans is what I have in mind. However, the rest of that outfit, I am completely clueless.
Graduation Day is somewhat formal but nothing over the top fancy-schmancy.

The problem is:
1. I haven't seen my husband since September so of course I need something super cute.
2. I will be meeting several of his Officers so I need to look respectable.
3. It is outside and cold and I don't want to freeze.

I am completely open to shopping (when am I not?) but I know I have tons of stuff in my closet I could wear.
I just need a magic fairy to come whip out her wand and POOF, the perfect outfits will appear :)

So, any fitting outfit recommendations?
What do you do when you are in such a dilemma?

I need help Blogger friends!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Girls Night Out

Most of my good girlfriends from high school have spread across the Midwest over the past few years
Luckily, everyone's family still lives here in good 'ol Webb City
Which means, all the girls make their way back for holidays!

We always make a point to get everyone together to catch up on each other's lives
AND have a really good time :)

It never fails, that every time we get together, I remember why I love these girls so much!
There are always good stories, exciting news, and many laughs.
No matter how far apart we all may be or how much time passes between each get together, we always reconnect like we are back in high school!

Please excuse the dark pictures!

Sweater- Old Navy $28
Long Sleeve Shirt- Old Navy $10
Necklace- Old Navy $7
Belt- Buckle $12
Jeans- American Eagle $25
Boots- Michael Kors via Ross $80

Hope you all are having a great start to this week! I am getting excited about the holidays!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I had lots to be thankful for this year:
My husband, family, sweet puppies, and our new adventure in Oklahoma.

Although my husband is still gone, it was great to spend time with family for this holiday!

I am slowly realizing that I may or may not be obsessed with Old Navy lately.
I didn't realize how much I have been accumulating until people have been asking me where I got things and ON seems to be the most common answer...
I used to HATE that place!

I actually swiped this sweater vest from the little girl's department
Surprisingly, a lot of the L's and XL's in the girls, seem to fit similar to S's and M's in women's
I always do a quick sweep through the children's department because the style for little girls is similar to women's, just in a smaller size. AND CHEAPER. haha

Polka Dot Sweater- Old Navy $15
Sweater Vest- Old Navy $7
Bubble Necklace- Ebay $9
Jeans- American Eagle $25
Boots- Payless $40

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Drive Me Crazy... Maybe?

I decided to channel my inner-Beyonce and go for these fun fall colors!
However, I was substitute teaching in a 3rd grade classroom and her take on it just wasn't quite appropriate!
It was jean day though, hallelujah. 
I think that was about the only perk of being in a 3rd grade classroom. I don't know how you elementary teachers do it. I came home hoarse, stressed, and tired.
23 8-year olds will sure wear you out. 
I won't even get into the issues I had to deal with... But I will say that I am SHOCKED at how much these little kids know (about the things they aren't SUPPOSED to  know)!!

I stole Beyonce's rust, white, jean, and boot concept and made it my own.
Please excuse the pictures. They just don't ever turn out as good inside!
I am determined to get better pictures for this blog one day. 

I went shopping at Savoir-Faire this weekend in Fayetteville, Arkansas!
I have shopped them online several times but it was exciting to actually get to go IN the store.
Not to mention, they had some pretty killer sales going on and I was able to snatch up a few pieces for this look.
If you are in the area, go check them out.
Or, you can check them out and shop here!

Rust Blazer: Savoir-Faire $21
White Chiffon Button Down: Savoir Faire $10
Necklace: c/o Rocksbox
Jeans: American Eagle $25
Belt: Target $12
Boots: Michael Kors via Ross $80

What is everyone's plans for the upcoming holiday? Yes I mean Thanksgiving AND Black Friday ;)

And more importantly, what will you be wearing??

Friday, November 16, 2012

TOO Chunky

I love a great cable knit sweater just as much as the next girl
but when is chunky just, TOO much chunky?

I had originally put this outfit together with a great plaid flannel underneath
I loved the colors and style
However, I looked like I ate the cookie aisle!

I tried belting it & it just made it WORSE!
I have seen so many bloggers pull this off and it looks adorable!

Sweater: Target- $24
Necklace: Ebay- $9
Jeans: American Eagle- $25
Boots: Payless- $50

What do you do to layer chunky sweaters together without looking chunky yourself?
PLEASE share with me how you layer sweaters like this!!!

Thank you :)
Have a blessed Friday!